Pumped Water

Negotiating and Implementing a RWA in Palampur, India

Reciprocal Water Access (RWA) Agreement

Central Palampur derives around 10% of its water supply from a spring just to the north of the settlement. The origins of the spring lie beneath a forest that has in the recent past been harvested and degraded to a significant degree through the herding and fuelwood needs and actions of the inhabitants of three hamlets just upstream of Palampur. During these periods of intensive forest extraction, flowing water quantities declined towards the centre of town. In order to address the suspected link between forest use and water flows, local NGOs and researchers teamed up to address the land use and community issues that were leading to the over-extraction of forest products. In order to do this, the Municipal Council (MC) was brought on...

Water Worries Haunt Mussoorie

The adage of "Old is Gold" does not hold true for water supply

Journalist Prachi Raturi Misra is based in Mussoorie and writes regular features for the Times of India Newspaper. The adage of “Old is gold” does not hold true for the water supply situation in Mussoorie.   Pumping in the hill town started as long back as 1908. Cut to 2016 and Mussoorie still depends entirely on 20 odd local springs and brooklets for its water supply. Most of these resources still have old pumps spread across seven locations that are in urgent need of repair or in some cases replacement.The pumps and transformers go through regular breakdown, bringing the residents as well as the Jal Sansthan under tremendous pressure. The latest one to get affected was the Jensing pump which supplies water to Kulri and Mall...

Dhobighat in Mussoorie

Lives in a Time of Change

Nuvodita Singh is a Sustainable Development professional working in the areas of water security and climate change adaptation. She was based in Centre for Ecology, Development and Research (CEDAR), Dehradun when she conducted research in Dhobighat, Mussoorie. She is currently based at the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) in Kathmandu, Nepal. As one travels on the road to Mussoorie from Dehradun, a steep slip road opposite the ‘Mussoorie Jheel’ (Lake) leads to a community of Dhobis (washermen) that is neatly tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the traffic and tourists flocking to the lake and shops for entertainment. Dhobighat is a visual treat with colourful houses of different sizes and shapes packed close together on the hill slope, with their...